Sunday, 28 August 2011


What a feast for the senses! We went to Aberystwyth yesterday to experience Colourscape - a labyrinth of inflatable spaces, each with a powerfully distinctive hue. The all-encompassing colours impacted more than just the eye. The red rooms felt very active and sociable, whereas the paler blues and greens seemed more meditative and restful. The yellows were uplifting. Views from one coloured space to another were beautiful and dreamlike, as you can see in the photos:

Meggie had a fantastic time crawling about and shrieking, and later revealed her (suspected) sociable leanings when she went off on her own to meet (and climb over) a group of young boys... Have a look at the diary to see if they'll be anywhere near you this year - a much bigger installation is planned for the Colourscape Music Festival on Clapham Common from 17th-25th of this month. :D