Friday, 16 April 2010

Jamaican Crunch Pie

Spent a good part of the day composing a very elaborate letter of complaint to Aviva Insurance regarding horrible mishandling of my car insurance. Stressful and beyond tedious.

So after going into town to get some plumbing bits for the polytunnel's water connection (a small plastic bag half full of plastic pipey bits cost over 70 quid!!!) and a quick stop for some essentials in Somerfield, I made a bloody lovely Jamaican Crunch Pie just like my momma used to make. (A fairly vague recipe can be found here, but I followed a recipe in a rather well-loved and ancient-looking copy of the 'Good Housekeeping Family Library: Family Cookery' book. Thanks mum!)

There was enough creamy topping to make a little baby one (though I was tempted to just scrape the bowl out and say no more about it), and they're both now chilling in the fridge. We can eat them tomorrow! Horray!

I don't know if the blogging is going to be all about food from now on (pregnancy does funny things to one's appetite!), but for anyone interested, the goats' cheese was absolutely lovely. It was a little less goaty than one might imagine, and quite subtle (so next time I might add some fresh herbs such as chives), but I was well pleased. Even Phil admitted that it was a success.



  1. Looks bloody delicious, how was it?

  2. i do hope ur blog contains more lovely food ideas......i make cakes for the lads in my work group every wednesday and im always in need of new ideas :D cant wait to try it for myself. Hope the move and the lil sproglet are coming along well xxx

  3. Heartful: It WAS bloody delicious! It's SO fattening though, I probably should wait a while before I risk making it again... At least I shared it with my Phil (said it was too rich - WHAT?!) and my parents (they loved it), so it didn't ALL go down my gullet. :)

    BriefEncounter1987: Thanks for the encouragement, and I definitely recommend making this - very simple but HIGHLY effective :) The move is mostly over now, the little one is growing and making him/herself known. I've had one hell of a sweet tooth since I got pregnant, so I'm sure (s)he enjoyed it too! :)