Saturday, 8 May 2010

Seedling Saturday

Me and my mum went to Seedling Saturday at the school in Machynlleth, but didn't bring any seedlings home. We were hoping for some brassicas - especially purple sprouting broccoli, kale, and cabbage (due to the fact that ours have all mysteriously shrivelled up) - but somehow we must have missed them if there were any. We went to two of the talks, Adam gave a talk about hedgerow biodiversity, and there was a talk by the folks who run Incredible Edible in Todmorden - both were very inspiring! Regarding the latter, I didn't realise that guerrilla growing had become so popular, or indeed that it could work on a large (town-sized) scale. Have a read about what they're up to - it's brilliant! - they've established vegetable beds all over the town, and with the help of the locals (as well as some enthusiastic volunteers in some cases) are growing and offering free food to anyone who may wish to help themselves. They've even got the council on their side now that they've shown themselves to have such a positive effect on the townsfolk.

The day was enhanced by the fact that I bought a raffle ticket at the last minute and won what I reckon was the best prize: a little colourful envelope with a handwritten "Hello!" on the front, which contained a £15 voucher for the funky Eco Deco shop in Machynlleth (can't find a website for them, unfortunately)... I can't wait to see what I'll find in there! Maybe some eco clay paint to decorate Squiggles' room?

We returned home enthused, and lo, we did look upon our own seedlings, and we saw that they were good.

And we thought to ourselves: all we need now is a number of weed-free deep beds to plant them out in, and a finished polytunnel for the tomatoes, peppers and squashes...

We'll get there...


  1. Clever, aintchya?

    Gorgeous, sumptuous photos too. It's like I'm there, sniffing the leaves, touching the soil...Great post, Miss Em. x

  2. seedlings are looking good :D iv just started to plant out some of mine today! seen as i havnt got a big garden like you im making do with little pots and tubs, heres hoping they come along nicely :D!! hope you're winning the fight against the pesky bunny babbits!! xx