Saturday, 12 June 2010

Garland Gift

My friend Kellee at Yellow Lamp has been spreading her magic again, this time with a Garland Giveaway. These beautiful, soft and colourful felt garlands have been handmade with love, and I was so excited to receive one of my very own through the post! I am thinking about incorporating the delightful string of bright circles into a mobile for baby Squiggles (though it's lovely on its own!) - if it works out, I'll post pics when it's done.

It's amazing how exciting it is (even at the age of 32!) to receive personal post (ie., not bills or bank statements) - a handwritten envelope (decorated in this case!), a letter, maybe something else... I have always loved to write and receive letters and plan to be doing it a lot more often now that I have more time. Though I suppose once the baby's arrived, my time may disappear once more! Anyway, thanks Kellee! :D

As evidence of my passion for handwritten correspondence, I have collected several bags full of letters over the years, some of them must be over twenty years old by now. I've never found it easy to let go of these personal symbols of love and friendship, so they have multiplied and started to weigh upon me... During the dark, rainy days earlier this week I managed to go through most of them, reading them one last time before putting them aside to recycle. Or burn, I'm not sure I want anyone accidentally coming across them and reading them! It felt strange to be getting rid of love letters from French exchange students dating back to 1991, but what need do I have for them now?!

Ah... I feel lighter already!

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  1. Mm, yes . . . it's hard to burn love letters -- even if they're not obviously so. . . what if someday you're old and alone, and need a reminder that once you were the beloved of some sexy french person??!!