Thursday, 16 September 2010

Megan Hunter May

Squiggles has a face! Squiggles has a name! Squiggles has taken over my life since she has emerged, blue and warrior-like from the watery depths of the womb! Introducing Megan Hunter May...

At 42 weeks and 5 days, we were persuaded (read mildly threatened) to go into Bronglais Hospital, Aberystwyth for an induction after two nights of contractions at home (which had disappointingly amounted to very little in the way of dilation of the cervix)...

I shall share something of that later, when I don't have to type one-handed with a weighty baby firmly attached to my left boob. But for now I just want to update you with some pictures of Megan, born at 7:23pm on 3rd September 2010, and weighing 8lbs 6oz (to the surprise of the midwives):

Phil cried real tears (probably of relief) when Megan arrived, and has fallen head over heels in love with her:

Every day Megan seems to get a little bit more interactive, and we see a little more of her cheeky personality:

Proud mum signing out :D


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! BIGGGGEST grin in the world here. You are all glowing and Megan is gorgeous. She doesn't have that weird look newbies have, she's just gone straight to cute!

    And 8lbs 6 oz, well done you!!!!

  2. Woooooow! She looks so alert already :D Mega Megan! She's just beautiful. Well done indeed Emily and Phil - you made a right good 'un there!

  3. Yay!!!
    She is gorgeous Em, looks very alert and happy which is great.
    I can really share your experience of having nights worth of contractions and then having to go into the hospital as i had the same thing with Raven.
    Im really glad you're settling in to "Mam life" and that Phil is enjoying fatherhood.
    lots of love

  4. Dear Emily and Phil,

    Congratulations with the birth of your daughter Megan! A new life has started for the three of you. Many blessings on your path as parents! Great to see some pics already.

    Lots of love from Barbara, Job & Jonathan (in the midst of emigration and renovation stricken turmoil)

  5. congratulations Emily and Phil on your beautiful daughter! Megan was obviously quite comfy in her Mommy's tummy:) Well done popping her out after so long a wait Emily! Our thoughts are with you and will hope to see you soon in Wales at some point in my life! x Lots of love Sharon (and Mooney, Adam and bump) x

  6. To Phil and Emily, a BIG congratulations on the arrival of Miss Megan May! Her slightly tardy arrival is a testimony to the lovely home you obviously created for her over the past 9months :D She is absolutely beautiful and by far the prettiest little baby i have ever seen (il admit i welled up a bit when i saw the picture)! The best of luck to you both in your future happiness and i hope that she brings you a lot of joy :D Cant wait to hear more
    Lots of love and hugs from
    Caroline xxx

  7. Ooooo she's so beautiful! And I agree with Heartful - she's totally bypassed the Yoda/Churchill stage;-) I'm so happy for you and can't wait to meet her at some point, and to see you and Phil in all your lovely parental glowiness:-D

    Lovelovelove, Hannah xxx

    p.s. Is Hunter a middle name? It's awesome:-D

  8. What a gorgeous girl she is. Just visited a friend with a 5 week old boy who is still has the Winston Churchill/old man look going. Not all baby's are gorgeous but I can't wait to hold this little treasure and have a good sniff of that lovely baby smell. Hope mine looks as