Saturday, 7 May 2011

Versatile Blogger

Ooo, look at this lovely green square, proof - proof, I say! - that someone - someone! - reads my blog, ha ha!

Thank you Beth (My Name is Beth) for the Versatile Blogger Award - I feel as though I ought to suddenly cover all-sorts-of-varied-topics-in-vivid-mixed-media-all-at-the-same-time in order to justify it, but fear not, gentle reader - I shall resist the urge.

Now, the Versatile Blogger Rules insist that I share with you 7 items of fact about my person, and I shall endeavour to make them short (yet interesting) before passing the badge of honour to other Versatile Bloggers in need of a lift who are very Versatile and admirable in other ways too. Beth made me laugh out loud with her factoids, though I have no idea which pudding she's talking about in Fact Number 3, I know I should know, and I feel like an idiot with lots of little obvious round things staring me in the face.

1. I played with my teddies until the ripe old age of thirteen, whole-heartedly creating an entire world for them out of (mostly) paper and card and imagination. My brother and I made little (frame by frame) videos on strips of paper for the video shop, we wrote magazines and newspapers by hand in felt-tip pen, and at one time in Teddysland there was a law that every teddy had to wear pants. I could go on and on about it, but I promised to keep this short :D

2. Reminded by Beth's mystery pudding description, I hate seeing little things coming out of little things. Rebecca, who I used to sing with, hates to see little things going into little things. Strange, huh?

3. I am fiercely secretive, whilst at the same time somehow appearing to be open to the point of giving-far-too-much-information. I'm not sure how that works.

4. My favourite writer is Richard Brautigan. He brings new meaning to everything he writes about. For example:

A circle
comes complete
with its
own grave.

Unfortunately he is now dead, and therefore follows the way of the circle.

5. I was once held at gunpoint in Mexico in the middle of the night/nowhere. What surprised me was that instead of panicking, my brain slipped straight into cold calculation, and time slowed down. I remember noticing with interest that the gun had a silencer attached, and was aimed at my heart instead of my head. Raising my hands to signify surrender happened automatically. That night I was SO GLAD I could speak Spanish.

6. Courgette is my favourite vegetable, ever since I had a vivid dream about living in a refugee camp with massive food shortages (in which someone kindly let me have some steamed courgettes in return for looking after their children, but you don't need to know all the details I'm sure, after all, other people's dreams are usually quite tedious).

7. I feel like I get an insight into a person's character by contemplating the shape of their hands and feet. Phil has quite gawky feet, which clearly tell me that he is extremely loyal. I'm sure there's no scientific basis for this, yet the facts remain.

The Versatile Blogger Rules (as far as I can tell) also demand that I pass on the award and spread the love, if that's what it is (which it might as well be - love also bestows awards, demands intimate information and comes with an elaborate set of rules).

I must now admit to being a silent lurker on the pages of these blogs, a reader who repeatedly fails to comment, an ethereal being who adds nothing to the internet experience, a taker instead of a giver... but one who pops by with great regularity thanks to my RSS feeds...

The Smallest Smallholding

Lucy is so enthusiastic about her plans and honest about her challenges, that it's a refreshing read (and one which makes me feel connected to other people like myself who are attempting to live the smallholding dream).

{duck fluff}
Laura is another lovely, down to earth lady - a maker and a mother. I started reading her blog after finding it by clicking "next blog" whilst I was still pregnant with Meg. Laura was pregnant too, but due a month or so earlier. I got hooked waiting for her to pop, and enjoyed reading about her creative projects :D

Zoe lives up the road from me, and has just recently had her second daughter. Her blog is beautiful, and again, deals with moments in a mother's life as well as the challenges of growing vegetables with little free time. I've only just discovered this blog and am finding it really inspiring :D

Now, how am I going to tell them about their award without revealing the fact that I have been secretly reading? I suppose I'll have to come clean, change the habit of a lifetime, and leave a comment... And about time, too.


  1. I did this search with my eyes closed and yet I'm still gagging. The things I do for clarification :D

  2. And now I need clarification of little things coming out of little things. Examples?

    And OMG at #5. And I hate courgettes at #6.


  3. WHAT!? I almost joked on your blog that THOSE might be the culprits, but I was thinking "there's no way on earth she's actually talking about THOSE, they're just OBVIOUSLY delicious an no one could ever hate THEM." Strange, eh. And HOW can you hate courgettes?!

  4. Little things coming out of little things???? Am having all kinds of visuals I'd rather not be...

    My original no. 7 for this was also about making judgements on people's characters by the state of their feet. I didn't put it down though cos I thought it would make me seem too much like a freak. Ha ha ha.

    Steamed courgettes? ICK!!!!! Stir-fried courgettes are nice. As is courgette cake. Mmmmmmm.

    I had no idea what Beth was talking about either, pudding wise. Now I know she is a freak too.

  5. Ha ha, oh Heartful, I'm glad you share the same feet thing, I know you already share the importance of specific socks for specific purposes. :D

    YES, little things coming out of little things. A friend in primary school had a set of cards, each with a different photo of a dog on them. One dog had extremely raised tastebuds, and somehow it totally freaked me out, leading to the hatred (perhaps even FEAR) of little things coming out of little things. It was like those plasticine shapers which makes lots of long, thin snakey 'hair' - that gives me the shudders too, for the same reason. If reason has anything to do with this at all, that is. x

  6. Thank you so much for my award! Great to find out who reads the blog and actually gets something from it, seeing as it's mostly the ramblings of my brain!

    If you love courgettes, try this courgette cake (my Mum's recipe):

    Thanks again :) xx