Thursday, 30 December 2010

For the Love of Light Fittings

Do you want to see a very happy Meggie? Just switch on the lights...

I was a little bit worried about Megan's love of light fittings until I Googled it and found that she is not alone in this particular fascination. She coos and squeals and giggles and smiles endearingly whenever she sees one of her favourite lights, but only when they are on, of course. This is the one in her room, her dad is treating her to a rare close-up view.

The one below is in my parents' sitting room, and as you can see, it looks a bit like a big-nosed, smiley face. She loves loves loves this one. I can't figure out what the actual lights themselves would be in relation to the face, but he's a jolly fellow, don't you agree?

She loves it so much that when she found it had been decorated with holly for Christmas, she took one look at it and cried. The holly was duly taken down, and peace was restored.

One of the great things about having a reliable smile-making object in the room is that you can make use of it to get a lovely photo like this:

Happy Christmas, and all that. :D


  1. hahah that made me laugh that she didnt like the light fittings being dare you ruin the lights nice smiley face :D shes as adorable as ever, and dad looks very proud! merry christmas and happy new year xxx

  2. Thanks, Caroline, happy new year to you too! What's happening in your world? Planning any adventures? :D

  3. That's just lovely, Jacob never had an obsession with lights when he was little, I think because we don't have very interesting light fittings. He's making up for it now though with repeated requests for "On!" and "Off!".

    Happy New Year lovely lady ;) xxxx

  4. iv finally written a new blog post *shock horror* so i kinda let u knw what my immediate plans are!! :) bt for the next 4 weeks its me tied to library desk frantically writing my essays :( what a thrill eh? bt the next big trip is a wedding in america which im sure il write all about :D have a good new year hun and love to the family xxx