Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tangled Yarn's One Year Anniversary!

*Sounds of party poppers popping*

Today is the anniversary of my very first blog entry!
*Cheers and whoops of delight*

I just had a quick nostalgic peep at my first posts, and was reminded about the One Hundred Days project (which - alas - seems not to be taking place this year, the old website is no longer there). I was also reminded of my very first (and only so far, thank goodness) bitchy comment, which I have left for the sake of authenticity.

Looking at my attempts to get rid of the clutter whilst unknowingly pregnant (and completely exhausted because of it) reminds me how things have changed over the last year, and how different my life is now. I won't list all of the differences, but in the last year I have stopped touring with Ember (after ten years of travelling and performing with my musical companion), moved to a secluded smallholding, had a beautiful baby, written a novel (ha ha), and started making crafty presents for Christmas... And I've done a fair bit of de-cluttering too, obviously! :D

Anyway, I must leave these celebrations as I'm in the middle of making some felt finger puppets for Megan's Christmas present. Thanks for supporting me and reading my blog! Here's to another year!

*All photos found by searching on Google Image, and rather over-excitedly applied, sorry about that!


  1. Congratulations!

    Wow, that WAS a bitchy comment :(

    Congratulations again!! I've so enjoyed your blog this year, and look forward to reading another year's worth of joyousness and loveliness :) Looking forward to Spring and pictures of your smallholding!

    Love Linda.

  2. Thanks, lovely lady, sorry I hardly ever reply to your comments, I shall henceforth endeavour to do so! Also, I have been keeping up sneakily with YOUR blog, and lurking rather than commenting. Shall make more effort in future! :D

    Now you've tidied your desk, I hope the words are flowing! xxx

  3. Ooo, typing the word 'henceforth' just then felt very powerful and weighty, and somehow gave me an image of a giant starship moving through space... Perhaps it was the Starship Enterprise? Hmm. Weird.

  4. happy anniversary :) must say its been a pleasure keeping up with all you activities, oh happy day when i randomly clicked "next blog" and yours popped onto my screen! hope all is well in you little secluded world and that you are having a very merry christmas season :D lots of love from caroline
    p.s. i look forward to more posts in the new year xx

  5. I'm in awe of you, what a year!! Well done.

  6. Caroline, thanks for your lovely comment, you've given me a arm glow inside! *big grin* :D I check on your blog every so often, to see if you've added a new post, but it looks like you're too busy for that!

    Tammy, don't be silly, your creativity knows no bounds, and you miraculously find the time to write *proper* blog posts, lengthy and well thought-out, whilst raising a beautiful little boy! I love your artwork, will you show us the embroidery when it's done? :D

  7. i try to write whenever i can bt having a job at Lush cosmetics with a 40hr contract and doing a part time masters doesn't leave for much for blogging let alone the travelling i am trying to document!! my next expedition is a trip to aberystwyth and the national library....will i make it up there with all this snow and no public transport....stay tuned! :D