Friday, 4 December 2009

One Hundred Days

Day One.

I've made a start! Yes, I know it's a late start, but every journey must begin with a single step, even though it may be a faltering one...

This beginning is slightly hesitant, because I'm not even sure if it's legal. I have chosen an easy task for my first day as I want to ease myself into this project, and I don't have much time today.

Like many people, I hate waste - especially waste which can be re-used or recycled. Like many people, I love it when I can get stuff on the cheap - or even better - FREE!

So the job I've set myself today is to make useable (or re-useable) the unfranked stamps I've been carefully tearing from the corners of envelopes over the past few months. I'm going to free them from their paper fetters and stash them safely, ready to be reused. Horray!

I lay them carefully on the surface of water which I've poured onto a plate with a rim, and there they float serenely... and after only a couple of minutes I am peeling them - feeling the same simple satisfaction and the same sticky-fingered pleasure as I get when I unexpectedly come across a spray of ripe blackberries on an early Autumn walk.

I lay them face-down to dry, and later they'll go into a little box, ready to be sent back out into the world.


  1. Yay Glovecat! I love your theme, look forward to chcking in and seeing what you get up to! xx

  2. I like your theme too and I did contemplate doing something similar with the decluttering but I chickened out! I hoard way too much! I've been saving stamps like these too but have not gotten round to doing anything with them. Looking forward to following your journey too. Thanks for your comment!

  3. What a great way of cheating Royal Mail out of money! Well, every little helps, eh?

    I have thought of a way of extending this principle to other walks of life, so here goes:

    If anybody is thinking of buying an Ember CD, don't; just add your email address below, and I will send you a copy completely free of charge. You will get some nice music you didn't pay for, and you will also be helping the environment by cutting down on all that nasty plastic.

    Win, win all the way, folks!