Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Day Twelve

Day Twelve.

The smallholding is in the bag!!!!
Contracts have been exchanged, finally, we'll have the keys next Tuesday, just in time for Christmas, oooh, I'm so excited! Phil and I went out to the pub and had a couple of special-occasion Whiskeys tonight. Then we went wild and had a lovely meal at the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant. Feels so good to celebrate after such a long time of waiting for news.

Very full now. Phil is already asleep beside me. Completely conked out. I fear I must soon hit the sack too. Will catch up tomorrow. x :)

EDIT: This news meant that I could do some appropriate de-cluttering - I deleted all of the digital smallholding brochures from my laptop, and put all of the physical brochures in the recycling. That's one less folder full of pointless information, horray!

Goodbye to all the other potential properties, none of which were quite as compelling as the one we hope to own with my parents next Tuesday! :)

There. That was easy.


  1. Yay congratulations! I'm even more jealous now...

  2. Congrats again lovely Em. No doubt dropping those flyers/leaflets/brochures in the recycling felt like a victory in itself. Can't wait for my invite ;) x