Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Getting the House Ready for the Family Visit

Day Nineteen.

Bought loads of food for Christmas and a couple of presents, cleared the landing of all the boxes and general crap which has accumulated, started sorting out the bedrooms where my parents and brother will be staying, had a lovely long bath...

Now waiting for Phil to make us some tasty pizzas, whilst watching some Derren Brown.
It's good to relax! :)


  1. My gosh I love your house. The picture above is so gorgeous, I wish I could transport myself into it right now with the radio and my knitting. I'm sure Christmas with the Williams is going to be wonderful :) Re: your blog: I absolutley love it. I loved just catching up with the past few days posts - what a treat to read four in one go. Don't do a single thing differently, my sweet (even if that means having a wee break once in a while - we'll be waiting when you get back :) ) Lots of love xx

  2. How gorgeous and cosy looking!! Enjoy x

  3. Stunning, you have such a beautiful home. I wish every day that we didn't live in a ticky-tacky box house on a new estate ... can't afford to move though :(

    I'll be vicariously living out your smallholding move alongside you ;)

  4. I must echo what the above commenters have said - your house looks delicious! I'm sure you will make your smallholding just as lovelisome though. I've forgotten what you said regarding where you'll be living on it (in a house/caravan/roundhouse for instance) but it'll be awesome with you around to render it gorgeous, whatever it may be.

    Happy new year lovely! xxx