Friday, 11 December 2009

Getting the Tunes to the Tunesmiths

Day Eight.

Argh! I'm rushing around trying to get ready to drive to Derbyshire for our gig tonight - the last Ember concert of 2009... The small task I set myself this morning was to convert three of the songs to mp3 and send them to Jamie Smith, wonderful accordionist who plays with Mabon. The idea is that he will add some magic, and 'Da Daaa!' - they will be DONE.

But do you know HOW LONG it takes to attach a single song?! I've cooked and eaten all my porridge and the first song has not yet attached!

...Thank goodness, after plugging the laptop directly into the wi-fi thingy, it seemed to get a little faster, so I've DONE IT :) And for good measure (to prove to you that I'm not slacking) I sent a track to Duncan the drummer so that he can start working on that one too. Horray! Off to my gig now, not a minute too soon!

And thanks again, everyone, for the lovely and encouraging comments :)


  1. Another weird coincidence, I know a Jamie Smith too! :-)

  2. Well done, Goldilocks. I'm glad you're sorting music-y things. I miss Ember live. Come and stay in Brighton in 2010 OK? x