Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Cards are GO!

Day Thirteen.

I've got to admit that I've jumped into this whole "Do Specific De-cluttering Task; Blog About It" thing rather naively, without any initial concept of the amount of time and effort required on a daily basis by what is, in reality, two tasks. I can only drop my jaw and gape in wonder at the wonderful work done by two of my favourite bloggers - Beth and Tammy - each of whom has a small child to deal with, as well as all the usual household tasks, as well as the daily blog and One Hundred Day Project. Argh! Much respect to you guys.

My boyfriend has started complaining that he never gets to spend any time with me. True, I am a workaholic, but this blog thing takes the biscuit, I reckon. I'm loving it though! Apart from the anguish it causes.

So today, I killed two - no wait! - fed two birds with one grain. As the washing machine is broken, I've been going to my mum's house to do it, but only once it has amassed itself into a giant pile of offensive sights and smells. While I was waiting for each load to finish, I wrote my Christmas cards, which will assuage my Christmas-themed guilt no end. I don't normally do Christmas cards. Or at least, if I do, I don't do very many. Raised with a strong work ethic, I usually feel that I should make them all by hand, deliver them by hand, accompanied by a home-made mince pie or somesuch. Then I run out of time, and quickly write out about half a dozen shop-bought cards. It takes a long time! I am not happy to send a card which has a pre-printed message, which is preceded by 'To Bob' and followed by 'From Joe' - what's the point in that?! So I like to write a little in each card, hardly a catch up, but something personal at least.

Here is my stash of ready cards - all that is needed is Phil's signature, and the envelopes have yet to be addressed. Getting there, getting there...


  1. Aw shucks. Thanks for the mention. I can sympathise about the xmas cards. I had such good intentions - I was going to design a lino print and handprint each one. When I found out how HARD it is to carve lino, I quickly panicked and after a mini-tantrum ended up buying cards too. I just got mine posted yesterday. And like you, felt I had to write something in each one. I hate it when I get cards that just have the person's signature in them.

  2. I can sympathise too, with my pathological urge to design/print/package/fill up with news and information every card I send. This year I did manage it, but decided to only send cards to a very minimal amount of people. I screen printed two seperate designs (accidentally backwards with gives them... character) and they're only going to family and very close friends. Saves on postage too.

    I'm not even doing the hundred days thing, but I am trying to make things and blog about it every day to spur me on (and it is working, which is good) and it's very time consuming. Let yourself have a break every now and then and then maybe do two tasks in one blog the next day? Anyway, although it's a lot of effort for you, it's an enjoyable read for us, and very inspiring. I had a massive tidy up/sort out yesterday - and it's in my blog:-)

    Lovelovelove Hannah xxxx