Monday, 21 December 2009

Making Christmas Less Stressful

Day Eighteen.

So it looks like my parents and brother will be coming to our house again this year. It will be too stressful for my parents if we descend upon them at the smallholding - I mean, they're only getting the keys tomorrow, and moving more stuff (tractors!) up on Wednesday, so it'll be a house full of boxes and chaos... Now what will they do with the cat?! :S

So, to reduce our own stress, Phil and I sat down this evening to write a list. There are so many things to be done. It has only just been decided that we will put Christmas on here. We had expected a low-key event at the smallholding, with Phil cooking and me being his assistant, but somehow it being in our house makes us feel that it will now need to be as good as it gets, rather than a case of making do...

Tomorrow will be the big day of tidying, cleaning, preparing rooms, buying plenty of food and drink, thinking about presents, decorating upstairs, buying 'eco' logs to ensure nice, hot fires (no one seems to sell dry wood anymore, have you noticed?), and all the rest. Oh man, we might even need to get a tree! It's all there on the list. And as we know, all good actions start with a bloody good list - check out Beth's blog if you haven't already - it's a Hundred Days blog, with the first day's task being 'Write a list' and the following ninety-nine days taken up with ticking one job off every day in no particular order...

I'm finding it very inspiring, but you know me, I love lists...


  1. There's something about hosting xmas at home that suddenly turns it into a huge deal. I hope you get to tick things off your list with much pleasure and as little stress as possible. A friend came round the other day and told us he always has an excruciating xmas day at his mother in law's - she doesn't even bother with anything special, just serves burnt sausages, mash and beans every single year. Made me laugh :-)

  2. Lists rock ;)

    I was talking to my boss on the phone the other day and he said his life had descended into chaos after his (soon-to-be-ex) wife had ridiculed him for writing lists, so he'd stopped. I told him not to be so silly, it's the only way you can see that you're getting anywhere ;)