Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve: Is it Nap-Time Yet?!

Day Twenty One.

We may have both been struck down by runny noses and bone-aching lethargy, but we have still somehow managed to complete the preparations for the family Christmas... Horray!

The bedrooms look lovely and cosy, and the downstairs kitchen/sitting room area is warm and inviting - decked with ivy and holly and fairy lights as you know - and topped off by the funny Christmas tree Phil pulled in from the garden (it turned out that a previous owner had planted their tree outside, after it had served its purpose, and over time it has grown tall enough for us to nip the top off without shocking it to death).

I have wrapped the few presents which arrived today via City Link. For some reason Amazon split my order into two and has promised that the other things will be coming by Royal Mail Special Delivery. They should have arrived by 1pm, so I've lost all hope by now. That'll teach me to think that last minute internet present shopping is a clever way to avoid the shops, the crowds, and preparation in general...!

My parents have just phoned to announce that they are on their way. I must now take a nap as I am completely drained. Merry Christmas to you; hope we all have a chance to put our feet up and open a bottle or two :)


  1. Hey Em,

    Hope you had a nice Christmas and hope all is going well. Missing your posts! Take care x