Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Food of Life

Day Twenty.

Ah! Now we are one fifth of the way through the 100 Days Project! I must admit that despite the one evil comment, I am feeling positive and somewhat changed for the better. I'm feeling a real sense of community with other 100 Days bloggers, and it's a opened up a whole new world for me. I spoke with my old friend Kellee of The Yellow Lamp today, and that was very lovely indeed. This blogging process is bringing us close again after some years of very little contact - she moved away and we've just been soooo busy, ya know? :) She reminded me that only horrible people make horrible comments on blogs. Still, I've left it there in case anyone feels like responding. I don't like to censor things too much, I like a dash of reality, so I'll leave it until its time comes.

Today worked out pretty well. It was market day in Machynlleth, so we collected our pre-ordered organic veg from the Treehouse stall, picked up the pre-ordered free-range chicken and local sausages from Will the butcher's, and bought some nice fresh sea bass from the fish man (there are two fish stalls on the market - one is right outside our house and leaves a rotten fish smell when he goes; the other is down by the Quarry cafe. We bought the fish from the one down by the cafe - partly because we have heard the nasty, racist jokes of the one outside our house). I spent the morning on Amazon, choosing self-sufficiency themed presents for my parents and surfing related gifts for my brother. Phil and I decided that after the huge expense of everything else we would not need presents ourselves. Still, I got a bit carried away and ordered a 'Stitch and Bitch' knitting book for myself and promised to get an Ikea magnetic knife holder for him (it's what he wanted, to be fair, and it might give us an excuse to get ourselves there sometime in the New Year).

Sorted out our room ready for my parents to stay in it, and got the lights and tinsel on the tree. Phil cleaned the pantry and the hall, and all we have left to do tomorrow is last minute floor-cleaning downstairs, and making beds. As soon as we realised that, Phil asked if he 'was allowed' (what?! There's a first time for everything, I suppose?!) to have a glass of wine, and so I suggested that he make up some mulled wine from scratch as he's been boasting that he'll be able to make it without touching the singular sachet in the cupboard. He rose to the challenge (a good chance to see if it'll work when my family arrives!) and I read the ingredients list from the back of the sachet, whilst pointing out cinnamon, cloves and the like in the dark and chaotic cupboard. It turned OK, though maybe he shouldn't have put the garlic (?!) in, but with a few spoons of sugar, I thought it tasted pretty good. :)

And so we relax again, job done :)


  1. Well done, toots. It was lovely to talk today and even lovlier to read your blog - you sound on top of things. It's funny how quickly we adjust to stress - come the day, when the food is plentiful and the drinks flowing, you won't even remember any difficulties along the way, so distracted will you be by the appreciation of everyone around you.
    Oh and you are going to LOVE Stitch and Bitch - it was my first knitting book and I learnt so much from it, and still dip in and out all the time. I reckon once this 100 days malarky is over, we should have Skype knitting sessions...I love your blog. It nourishes my braiiiiiiinnnnnnns xx

  2. I LOVED Stitch and Bitch. Wish I still had time to knit. And don't worry about that evil person, they probably thought they were being clever and as YL said, only evil people leave evil comments. Oh, and I love the garlic mulled wine! Let us know how it goes down...

  3. I hadn't read that comment before, and I'm filled with ARRRGGGGGHHHHH feelings for you and for the idiots in this world who just don't get it. I won't respond to it, because what would be the point? If you're idiotic enough to write something like that in the first place, you're not going to take on board any comments I might come up with.

    But don't let them get you down Emily, you're a superstar and we love you ;)

    Oh and I got a lovely box of knitting bits from my mother-in-law for Christmas, and a Debbie Bliss baby knits for beginners book - so I'll be starting my knitting career soon.