Saturday, 5 December 2009

Unwanted Arms Become Wanted Legs

Day Two.

Today was another rather full day. In the morning we drove to Aberdyfi to take a walk along the chilly beach, followed by hot chocolate topped with whipped cream :) Then Bec and I went back to work in the afternoon, spending a few hours recording overdubs for the new album. It went pretty well, with another (the third of nine) song "finished," though yet to be tweaked, mixed properly and mastered.

What about the project, you cry! Well, I was about to tell you about that...

With the weather getting colder (although it still seems a little too mild for this end of the year, rather worryingly), I've started fantasizing about LEG WARMERS. I've been looking up knitting websites for some inspiration, but somehow it seems like a waste of good wool. Every time I pick up a ball of wool I get cold feet, ha ha. [Groan]

A couple of weeks ago I happened to be looking at a very ancient Peruvian jumper which no longer fits me (to be honest, I don't think it ever really did), and before I knew it I was removing the sleeves from the body. They looked just like a very beautiful and colourful pair of leg warmers! But, sadly, they felt horribly itchy against my skin, so I figured I needed a liner. That's when I put them away in the 'stuff-I-plan-to-do-something-constructive-with' drawer.

Let me tell you about another, slightly unsavoury project I've been undertaking recently. I've found that there are some T-shirts and tops which, although clean, will start to smell of sweat literally half an hour after putting them on. This can be embarrassing and undermining when you are already in the car on the way to a gig when the smell becomes apparent! So I've been working my way through the offensive individuals, to discover who is who, and now I know that certain items can no longer be worn. Throw them away, you cry! Alas, I cannot, for I know that Something Good can come of all things, no matter how smelly or unloved.

So the plan is, rather than making a whole new lining (would take a long time without a sewing machine), I'll just use another pair of sleeves to line the lovely but itchy ones.

Here's a photo of a couple of contenders:

I was hoping to attach them by very quickly hand-sewing them at the top. It took longer than I expected (as always!) but I'm really pleased with the result, they're so cosy! :)

Wodyafink?! Ignore my knobbly knees!


  1. knees are good, knees are good, shes Ebeneezer Goode

  2. Genius! I like your style (and your knobbly knees) xx

  3. Ha ha, thanks guys! :)
    Didn't know it, but knobbly knees must be IN.

  4. Hey, they turned out well! Does this mean you'll be wearing skirts, now?

  5. Fab! Well done, keep it up ;)

  6. I am so glad to read of your problems with clean but soon stinky T-shirts. Al has so many clothes with the same terrible affliction... I can reassure him that he's not alone! Do yours smell like stale cats piss too?

  7. Teg, they smell of SWEAT, not piss!!! Ha, but I know what you mean, I think it's MAN sweat that smells of cat's piss - Phil has the same problem (though in his mind it ISN'T a problem) too. Our male cat Jekyll loves Phil, and I personally believe it's ALL about THAT smell.

    Because I'm the one who normally feeds Jekyll, so really he should like ME better. Bah. :)