Thursday, 31 December 2009

Cat Wee Samples

Day Twenty Six.

I spent practically the whole day in bed. Still so tired and ill.

But at 4pm we made it over to the vets with a sample of Molly (our female cat)'s wee, to see if there's a medical reason for her drinking so much water all the time. She's very fussy though, and only wants to drink from a glass, and a glass that I'm currently drinking from at that. We thought she might have cystitis. The vet tested it and said she didn't have that. They don't know what's up with her, and all they could say was we need to keep an eye on her and see if she gets any worse.

Well, that's good news in a way, and we've been feeling guilty about not doing anything about it despite our worries. So all we can do now is watch and wait. At least we've done something.

She looks OK. Maybe she's just spoilt?!

1 comment:

  1. That must have been fun trying to get her wee! We used to have two cats. Then we found out one of them was diabetic and needed to have special food so we had to rehome one of them. Then when my little boy was in hospital for a month, a friend took our diabetic cat in to look after him and he's still there.

    Hope Molly's alright. How old is she? My first cat started drinking lots of water when he started getting signs of kidney trouble. But he just had to go on a special diet and he was fine for a long time after, and he was already pretty old.