Monday, 21 December 2009

Try, Try and Try Again

Day Fourteen.

Yes, I disappeared for a few days. I wonder if anyone noticed?
I was not spirited away by some magical fairy sparkles, oh no.
I was entangled in the dark stress-cloud which surrounds my head like a blanket soaked in ditch-water, suffocating my breath and shattering my thoughts, making even the simplest of tasks seem like complicated, mammoth obstacles. I've been there for a while. It makes me feel very melodramatic, as you can tell... :)

I'm back now, sort of.
I've decided not to ask too much of myself for a while.
I hope to keep doing and writing, but do not plan on beating myself up over any of it!

I tried to do lots of things on Thursday, Day Fourteen...

I need to arrange a replacement SIM card for my phone, and people keep promising me their old ones, but so far none have worked, most have been forgotten... I tried out a couple, but got the same message 'SIM Activation Failed.'

We want to move all of the boxes of books from the loft down to the empty bedroom, so that they're ready to take to the smallholding when we go. But my parents need space their on their own to overcome the stresses of the last six months, so we are now uncertain as to when we might be able to start moving stuff.

I've been waiting for a hoover part to arrive which should sort it out once and for all - how did a huge piece fall out without us noticing?!

I searched high and low for the Bukowski DVD which Bec borrowed from the library and then lent to me. It has completely vanished, and so no success there... :(

I wrote out some of the addresses for the Christmas cards, and discovered I didn't have them all. Started trying to find people's addresses.

We did some more recording at Bec's house, and listened to most of the songs. I can't keep reporting that though, can I? No matter how exciting it may be for me!

A very trying day.


  1. Hey Em, I noticed you were gone. I've been checking back here to see how you're getting on. I can relate to that dark stress cloud. I think it's a great idea that you don't ask too much of yourself, but it seems like you've got a lot to sort out! Another funny coincidence, we lost a part of our dustbuster too without noticing (!) and I need to track down a part too!! Sending you a cyber hug back oxo

  2. I noticed you were gone too, but knowing how things can get I'm never one to bug people about keeping on top of things. You're doing great, and I think learning not to beat yourself up about things is a good part of the whole hundred days thing. Hugs x