Monday, 21 December 2009

Little Things: Fixing the Hoover

Saturday 19th December:
Day Sixteen.

That was funny.
A few days ago we spoke to the Dyson helpdesk about our problematic hoover, explaining that the filter gets blocked even though the clear plastic bin remains empty. They asked if we could see the part which goes inside the bin, the part with a black rubber seal. We looked and it wasn't there.
'Ah! You need to get a new one.' They informed us. 'A whole new bin assembly.'
'But as the part has separated, can we not just get the part on its own?' We asked.
'That part cannot be bought alone, you'll need to buy the whole bin with the part inside.'

Oh, OK. Right. Sure...

I looked on eBay. Bin assemblies: £20. Shit. The hoover only cost us a small donation to the local charity shop. That seemed silly. I looked some more, and found the part, for a fiver. But it was mauve, when our machine is yellow...

Well I don't know whether or not the colour signifies a whole different set up, do I?!

So I phoned the helpdesk again. Nothing's simple is it? This time they wanted the model number, the unique code on the sticker underneath the machine, my name, address, telephone number, year of purchase... I answered as best I could. Finally I was permitted to ask my question. 'Er, so a friend has a mauve model, mine is yellow, er... her's is completely broken but she'll let me have that black rubber part from inside the bin assembly... er - is it going to work?'

'Well, of course. The only difference is the colour.'

'Er, great... thanks very much for your help.' Phone in cradle, click. Onto eBay, click.

Go it today and put it straight in. Easy peasy, works a treat. Ah, the beauty of simplicity, eh?

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  1. Whoever thought trying to get a hoover to work could be such a kafka-esque experience! Glad you got it sorted though.