Monday, 14 December 2009

Wardrobe Disaster Area

Day Eleven.

Not yet run out of things to do and areas to de-clutter. No, it'll be a long time before that happens. And way before that time comes around, the beautifully clear areas will be piled high with junk again, no doubt, so we'll be back at square one.

I've had a long and stressful day. The smallholding we're buying with my parents is still not ours, and we are starting to feel that after months (and years!) of hoping and dreaming it may yet fall through. But they're meeting with the solicitors tomorrow, so who knows, maybe everyone's finally ready to exchange contracts and set a date for completion.

Anyway, here's my project for today - the horrible open-fronted disaster that currently stores our clothes in a permanent state of chaos:

I'm so tired I can't even muster a joke about it. It makes our bedroom so untidy. One day ("When we're on the smallholding..." as we keep saying to each other, making ourselves and each other absolutely ridiculous promises) we'll have a bedroom which will serve only two purposes - to be a relaxing space to hang out together, and a calm place in which to sleep. There will be NO clutter, no tangled visions of hell in sight. The clothes stored therein will be behind doors, preferably smooth white doors, or lovely, simple doors made of lovely, simple wood. There will be no bookcases, these will all be DOWNSTAIRS. Perhaps one or two books may enter the bedroom, but only if they are currently being read. There will be a laundry basket, with a lid. The walls will be white, or cream; one wall may be deep red. There will be no overhead lights, only bedside lamps and perhaps some uplighters. Of course, as ever, there will be no television, but I'm betting we'll each have our laptops in there upon an evening. That's a given. :)

This is the tidy (or tidier) version:

Oh, I wish it had doors. Or a curtain, or a cover of some kind. Something to keep all of that random visual activity from getting into my brain! Ah well, when we're on the smallholding...


  1. Wow! How long did that take you?

    My wardrobe/bedroom situation is one of my biggest bugbears. In fact, the only clear bit of floor in our room is the bit where the door opens. The rest of it, is about 4 feet deep in clothes/boxes/general rubbish.

    I'm awful at passing clothes on, I've still got practically every item of clothing I've ever worn and hence nowhere to put it. It needs to be done, but I'm guessing it's one of those list items that might just be put off until the bitter end...

    Oh and re: painting bedrooms walls - DON'T paint them white. We had white walls before our current nice mauvey/chocolatey type colour (sounds horrible but is lovely) and they were a nightmare to keep clean, they just looked grubby all the time.

    Hope to hear more about the smallholding - very jealous ;)

    Beth x

  2. I'm impressed. Can you spare a bit of time to sort mine out too please?

  3. Hello, just discovered your blog and I'm quite enjoying it. :) Just wanted to empathise with the wardrobe situation, I went to a swishing event recently and got rid of loads of stuff! Very satisfying. :D


  4. Thanks for the advice Beth! I hadn't really thought about white becoming instantly grubby, but you're right, grubby walls are not soothing on the eye! :)

    Heartful - glad you're back! If I'm ever in London I'll glady come and sort your wardrobe out - it's so much easier sorting other people's stuff! (No emotional attachments!) :)

    Hi Lottie, glad you're liking the Tangled Yarn! :) I checked out your blog, it looks like you've a lot of work on your hands! :) I also love to knit (though I'm not especially exerienced!) so I can relate - like your style of writing too, pretty funny! Will be checking back.

    I wanted to add another smiley face but then realised I've already made about twenty, so... x