Sunday, 6 December 2009

Can a Haiku Make Housework Poetic?

Day Three.

How am I going to make this interesting for you? Perhaps I could reveal my achievements in Haiku-form?

It's been a very satisfying day for me. First off, I've been wearing my new leg warmers ALL DAY, and they feel amazingly toasty! :) Today I did a few of the annoying little jobs which build up over time and which nag at you every time you notice that they need to be done all over again. The kind of things people may not find fascinating to read about! :)

1. Washed up every dirty glass, plate, piece of cutlery and every single pan which was "soaking." The pans were not really soaking. They were waiting for someone who could be bothered to wash them up properly.

I cleansed the dishes
And these so-called soaking pans
We are now baptised

2. Took out ALL of the kitchen scraps and compost waste. The problem had built up to the point that there were several bowls and egg boxes full of decomposing matter, alongside the designated compost tub.

All that reeks and rots
Banished from the kitchen now
Destined for rebirth

3. Cleaned the kitchen surfaces like they'd never been cleaned before. In actual fact they were wiped down only yesterday, but they looked like they'd never been cleaned before.

So smooth and shiny
This crumb-free, scum-free beauty
Lasts until breakfast

4. Cleaned out the fridge and found a very suspicious-looking chicken. Christian, our tenant, has since informed me that the chicken was definitely rotting. It was his chicken, so I will not carry the burden of guilt.

That costly chicken
Died for you, and it could sue
For livelihood lost

5. Sorted through some of the boxes and bags of things that my parents brought round for the Dog Shop. Everything they get rid of is always brought to us first, in case we find a need for it. In the past we have had some lovely woolly rugs, books, clothes, even unwanted food (which I think is their way of making sure Phil and I are eating enough, but without us having to feel as though we are charity cases, ha ha.)

I cannot ask you
Not to bring boxes and bags
Sometimes we like them

That's all for now, what will tomorrow bring? I can hardly wait.


  1. Nice idea, turning the mundane into poetry : ) I especially like the kitchen counter, and the chicken.

  2. The mundane is the best subject for haiku, in my humble opinion. I like yours! And wow! You've had a very busy weekend!! :-)

  3. Nice comments, thanks guys! :) I wrote the haikus really quickly, and dammit, I've just noticed that somehow they seem to have an undertone of Christianity: the baptism, the rebirth, the chicken who "died for you" ...what's happening to me?! I'm really enjoying your blogs, by the way :)

  4. Excellent work, well done. I'm the same at leaving things to 'soak'. This is why I think it's better to live amongst clutter and mess, because you appreciate it all the more when it's clean. If it's clean all the time, what have you got to feel smug about?