Saturday, 20 November 2010

Novel: Halfway There!

Yes, I am still very behind, but today I passed the 25,000 word mark, horray! According to the stats, at this rate I will finish on December 10th - which is too late to win the challenge - so I'd better get my act together.

I still feel fairly optimistic (although I'm going to need a new burst of inspiration plot-wise and a few more hours in the day) and I'm looking forward to printing out what I've written and doing some editing. As the NaNoWriMo website says, if you're going to edit your novel, you'll need words to edit, so the writing of 50,000 words is really just the beginning. I'm getting a lot out of this challenge though! I haven't had the chance (or the kick up the whatsit) to write for such a long time, though you'd have thought it would be impossible with a new baby to take care of.

I promise that Megan is receiving no less care than she would have otherwise, my priority is (of course) being the best mum I can be. The novel comes second, OK? :D

Now, I'd better get on with it.


  1. Ditto! Will you be posting it in its entirety here for us to read when it's done?

  2. You're doing amazingly well with the novel! Impressive indeed.

    It's good to do something like this when you have a new baby, keep the brain exercised and have something else to think about - I think it's very healthy, and I always started something new after the births of all my babes. I think it helps with a new mummy's state of mind too.

    Well done. Hope we get to read it!