Thursday, 18 February 2010

Pregnant Pause

Thursday 18th Feb.

Sorry for my silence lately, I realise that I am now at least 25 days behind in the 100 Day Project, and I am soon to add several more days to that number. This has been a hectic couple of months, finishing off Ember's 5th album, planning and organising our 10 Year Celebration concerts, and generally trying to tie up loose ends before we take a long break from playing together at the end of the month. We're excited about moving on to other projects, but I expect we'll be doing some grieving too, once the reality sinks in.

This morning I am preparing to leave home for our last UK tourette - taking in Burnham-on-Sea, Camden, Cambridge and Hitchin over this weekend, and then we have two final gigs in Holland on the 27th and 28th. It's impossible find time and internet access to update the blog when we are away, so I am resigning myself to catching up in March, hope that's OK with you! :)

There is another exciting development which has been partially responsible for the pregnant pause, which is just that - Phil and I are 14 weeks pregnant and have been given a due date of 16th August. So a new life beckons, in more ways than one! :) I've been thinking (and worrying!) about the blogging (and all of the catching up I might have to do!) and have realised that this 100 Day Project has fitted almost exactly with my pregnancy - no wonder I quickly developed an obsession with de-cluttering - isn't it all about nesting, somehow? The early exhaustion makes sense too, no wonder Christmas was so draining... We are both really happy (and nervous!), and hoping that it all goes smoothly.

Well, I shall be back at home next week, but won't promise anything, but you never know, I may surprise myself. Early March (once I return from Holland) will see me with more time, and that's when I hope to catch up properly.

Bye for now.


  1. awesome awesome news!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BIG CONGRATS ON THE BABY!!!! :D good luck with the rest of your tour, i always loved your gigs...shame your stopping but its always exciting to start something new. Cant wait to hear more of your adventures in march, take it easy xxxxx

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so so so very happy for you, and it sounds like it's come at a perfect (although bittersweet) time, with Ember winding down for a break and getting settled into the new house.

    And all those attachment parenting type tips I've been ramming down your throat will now be coming in useful ;)

    Don't worry about blogging and listing - I'm hopelessly behind too (although updated today), but learning to accept that parenthood will do that to you.

    Maybe before the year is out we can stop in on our way up North for a visit and a few baby-cuddles ;)

    Congrats again x

  4. Gor Blimey!!! Fantastic news Emily :D CONGRATULATIONS! I'm very, very happy for you both - so exciting. I'm so pleased that I'm back in touch with you, and can read your blog as this life changing, amazing stuff is happening for you.

    So sad that I never got to see Ember. Hope the break is not too long. Life is going to be so exciting for you now though - new beginnings are wonderful, and you are about to experience the Mother of all new beginnings (well, around the 16th of August).

    Have fun on the tourette, and I'll look forward to reading more when you get chance to come back to blog.



  5. Massive congratulations Emily! and Phil too, who no doubt played some part in this momentous development!!
    I had a funny feeling something like this may be afoot! (for at least one of you!!)
    We really enjoyed your concert at Y Plas on Friday last week. It was rather sad for us, but understandable since both you and Rebecca have become attached to the loves of your lives, since you set out as Ember. It is evidently time to make more space for those loves. You will always have a special place on my ipod, which I listen to while walking the dog and gardening, and have even been known to sing along (with both of you, which must sound really interesting to anyone in the vicinity!)
    Anyway, thank you for your lovely music and I am sure that you will make an amazing mum.
    I have read (not all) The Tangled Web, and you certainly also have a talent for making the most mundane activities sound entertaining, so you definitely have a book in you, or, a column in a magazine, or a Sunday supplement!
    I hope your last gigs are wonderful and that you will enjoy the rest of the nesting process! You will always have music in your life,
    I take it you are off to a small-holding, where is this then? will it be locally? (I haven't read that far back in the TW, having only recently discovered it)
    lots of love and good wishes
    Debbie Ashton xxxxx

  6. Will you see Job in Holland? Do say hello from llwyngwril if you do.

  7. I know I said this at the gig, but as that night was such a whirl for you it bears repeating: massive congratulations to both you and Phil:-) It seems like the timing is fantastic, but to be honest when someone wants to be pregnant and then is, it's just a fantastic thing all round and bugger the timing! Your baby will be lucky to have a mother such as you, and I am sure that lots of beautifully crafted articles will wing their way to you and the sprog from friends both before and after it's arrival:-)

    I wrote a big soppy blogpost of my own about Ember so I shan't go into it here, but thank you again for all of the wonderful music you have give us over the years. Sorry I disappeared at the gig, but if you can bear it Lily and I would love to come and visit at some point when you're settled, if you'll have us.

    Hannah xxx

  8. Wow!!!!!!!!! Big big congratulations! What fantastic news. Am so sorry I missed another one of your gigs. Hope to hear from you soon.

    T x