Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Properly Stopping Smoking

Day Sixty.

The CBT book didn't work for me, mostly because it relied upon you smoking at least twenty fags a day, and reducing that number by half or two-thirds on each consecutive day. I was smoking about three rollies daily, and managed to double that to six on that first day as the book kept on insisting that I smoked whenever I wanted to. So if (for example) you smoke six cigarettes on day one, four on day two, three on day three, two on the fourth day and one on the fifth, you've really had hardly any chance to learn the first programme, let alone the second and third, etc.! So I ended up feeling rather like I was going through the motions, but without really achieving anything. After the third day it tailed off, and I carried on smoking about three rollies a day.

Well, I've given up many times before, as I explained in that earlier post, so I spoke with Phil and we agreed Monday 1st Feb - today - would be the day we would both just stopped smoking.

So that's what we've done. It's easier for me, I'm sure, as I'm used to NOT smoking most of the day, whereas Phil starts as soon as he wakes up and has his last cigarette just before going to sleep. The day passed fairly smoothly with no major upsets. We're planning on having a very early night. The longer you sleep, the quicker time passes. We'll be over it before you know it.


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