Saturday, 30 January 2010

Spring Clean

Day Fifty Eight.

What a lovely sunny day! Perfect for staying indoors and sorting out the piles of STUFF in our upstairs sitting room, right? Er - right. I did manage to get out and enjoy a bit of a walk as well as visiting my friend Jenny and her 6 month old baby, but before that I had a successful day of Getting Stuff Done.

You might have liked to have seen a before and after picture, but due to the camera battery situation, that was impossible. And when I looked at the mess before I started I was actually quite glad that no one would ever see it! It was disgraceful, to say the least!

As I have hardly any time before I go out to what I'm expecting to be a lovely party with music and food, I'll keep it brief:

I fixed the hoover (again - the sucky part keeps falling off, but I managed to re-attach it for the time being) and sucked up a ridiculous amount of cat hair as I cleared new areas of the room.

I've moved lots of things which I won't need for the next month (but wish to keep) downstairs into the spare bedroom, ready to go to the smallholding. These included our very few Christmas decorations (we usually collect holly and ivy and foliage in general, so have limited tinsel and a few red and gold baubles); the bag of carefully selected teddies; some wooden CD racks; and some more books.

I cleared the HORRIBLE hexagonal coffee table we have hated sine we were given it by a friend who was moving house and had no room for it, and Phil Took It Away, never to be seen again. Now there will be one less ugly clutter magnet in our world.

There was a whole pile of scraps of paper with people's phone numbers and addresses on them, and I've 'downloaded' them into my diary. At least now I might be able to find them if I need them, ha ha.

The folders full of the accounts were out, all over the sofa, so I put them away - out of sight and mind.

I can't believe I can see so much floor now, and moving around the room has ceased to be an obstacle course. If you could see it, you'd be amazed. :)

Better go and get ready now - in the coming days I hope to slowly catch up with myself and fill in the missing days... That is the plan, anyway. Maybe if I do two a day... Got a gig in Walthamstow tomorrow night (so sorry you can't make it, Tammy, I was looking forward to meeting you in person!), so leaving before noon - not sure what I can achieve before that time, but if I don't have time to blog, I shall write it up early next week.


  1. Your blog always makes me want to have a bout of tidying, because it reminds how wonderful and freeing it is at the end of it! Sadly I won't be able to do any today though as I have three days of work (woohoo! - and that wasn't sarcasm) and have to pack and get off to the bus stop:-( Have a great time in Walthamstow xxx

  2. How was the gig, so sorry to have missed it. x

  3. Just to let you know, you won the draw for no. 5. And you're also getting no. 4 as you expressed interest in it. Please email me at tammyhanna at hotmail dot com with your postal address. Ta x

  4. Glad to read you're getting on well with doing things - how close are you to moving? I'm still v eager to hear tales of your settling into the smallholding.

    And yes please to some photos, get those batteries charged!