Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Sunny Sunday Walk by the Sea

Day Thirty One.

Sunday 3rd January.
It was such a bright and sunny day that we had to do something with it, in the great outdoors. So we packed up some fruit and jumped in the car to drive to Ynyslas in order go for a long walk along Borth beach. It was a funny walk in some ways, and we've done it before and enjoyed it immensely. We park at Ynyslas golf club, then precariously pick our way along the sea wall, looking out for interesting bits of driftwood and all the random things which have been washed up. This time there wasn't much in the way of flotsam, but the strange conveyor-belt feeling you get from walking along the narrow wooden wall made up for that. It quickly starts to feel weirdly mechanical, as though the wall were moving towards you rather than you actively moving along it, and you start to feel like you might have been hypnotised and any minute now you'll wake up and stumble out of the trance and fall into the pebbles.

We bumped into a couple of Borth-dwelling friends, and had a lovely pot of tea with Jonno, who showed us his latest project - a genuine gypsy caravan which has rotten away to leave nothing but a sturdy base and undercarriage decked in bright red and yellow paint. As a carpenter he'll have no problems renovating it, and when it's finished it'll live at the end of the garden: a beautiful and highly decorated get-away! Oh, the romance of it! :)

We ate hot pies in the sun (the chip shops we'd been getting excited about were all closed, unfortunately) then headed back up the beach, taking time to marvel at the petrified forest (only stumps remaining, but impressive ones).

No photos today, as I decided I wanted to experience it firsthand, rather than from behind a lens... But you can see a panoramic view of the beach here.

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