Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Contract with Schrödinger's Cat

Day Thirty Eight.

Isn't it really annoying when you finally get around to doing something that's been nagging you for what seems like weeks, and then you go to cross it off the list (or completely scribble through it until the words are no longer legible, if that's the way you do it), and discover that it's not there.

Good, I'm glad we all agree.

I've been searching for the contract we were sent for our 21st January gig (at Y Galeri in Caernarfon) for a couple of weeks now, becoming more and more bewildered as the days pass as to where in the house it could be. I knew it was in the sitting room. But I'd checked every cranny several times over, and it was getting to be a bit of a frustrating joke.

Well, needless to say, I found it today, and that is a BIG SUCCESS. But where was it, I hear you cry (in my mind). It was in a brown envelope on the table - in full view - masquerading (in my mind, again) as another similar brown envelope (which in my mind holds something other than a contract - it's got lots of weird official papers and photocopies of deeds and death certificates, it's an envelope full of documents and the human history surrounding our last house), so you can see how the confusion arose.

When I'd kicked myself, and read it through, and signed it, and sealed it in a smaller brown envelope, I went to seek that rush of satisfaction that can only come from ticking an annoying job of the list. You already know the rest.

But what lesson can be learned from this, you cry (shedding real tears this time), what lesson?

There is a lesson in there somewhere, and maybe more than one. How about:
Never assume you know what's in a brown envelope (think of Schrödinger's cat - you may be convinced that Tibbles is going to come bounding out as soon as you can get the thing open, but oh - what's that smell?)

Don't judge a brown paper envelope by its cover.

Though they may look the same, not all brown envelopes actually are the same. Leave room for some personality. Unexpected in an envelope, I know, but...

That's all from me. Anyone else found any lessons in there?

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