Monday, 11 January 2010

Music Magazines

Day Thirty Nine.

The sitting room is also my office - much to Phil's continuous dismay. I must admit that the clutter of boxes, folders, files and paperwork (not to mention all the random miscellaneous little things - argh!) is an ongoing eyesore for me too, but we've never really had the spare cash to buy appropriate storage 'solutions' (as they seem to be known nowadays - years ago people didn't have 'storage solutions', they just had cupboards, and that seemed to work for them). I'm not going to post a photo of the mess, but trust me, I'm working on it :)

The project I set myself today was to get rid of all of the magazines that have been piling up, most of them barely read. As a member of the Musician's Union, I receive their quarterly 'Musician' magazine. It often has some interesting and helpful features, ranging from guides to finding the right agent to tips on home-recording, but a lot of the articles are fairly dry. The PRS (Performing Right Society) magazine is also quarterly, and somehow I find that I've not read the last issue before the new one arrives. And so they grow in number, taking up space and making me feel that familiar guilt. Then there's the 'Properganda' magazine, sent to us by Proper Music (our distributors) every so often, and which is just what it says on the tin: a platform to showcase and advertise the music and new releases of Proper's artists, which on our 'entry' level means that we would have to pay them to promote any of our releases, and possibly write the reviews ourselves! It was an eye-opener which made me realise that a lot of the music media today works on the same (commercial) model.

I got quite good at speed-reading today! So that I wouldn't feel too wasteful, I tore out the articles which may still be useful in the coming months, but managed to put most of the pile into the recycling bag. Here's a pic of just a few of the glossy lovelies which will no longer be gathering dust and snagging the eye:

Off they go... I'm sure the reinforcements will be plopping through the letterbox soon enough.

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