Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bottles and Jars

Day Forty.

Horray! Day forty! I can't believe the time is passing so quickly. By the time the One Hundred Days Project is complete, I'm hoping that we'll be settling into the smallholding. Not only that, but Ember's ten years of endless touring will be over, and there will be time to breathe, stay still awhile, and put down some proper roots. I have been trying to cut down on our (OK, my - !) belongings, ready for the move. Once you get into the swing of it, it gets easier. Well, no, there are good days and bad days, I suppose, if I'm to be truly honest.

Today was a good day in some ways, and a bad one in others. I decided to tackle the built-in kitchen cupboard, which could accurately be compared to Pandora's box:


Disaster area!

War zone!


So I took everything out, gave the shelves a little wipe, got rid of the empty (empty! Who - I would like to know - WHO puts empty packages BACK INTO THE CUPBOARD?!) boxes and cleaned out the jars with nothing more than scrapings left at the bottom, and replaced the remaining items. In a slightly more orderly way:

Ignore the middle shelf in the picture below, it's packed full of our tenant's food :)

Yeah, now that I look at the pictures it seems like I've hardly made a difference, but it was quite a satisfying task, and it served to remind me of what we actually have (mostly lurking at the back) and now I feel that I am equipped to start eating through some of the emptier jars...

I feel better, anyway, ha ha :)

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