Saturday, 2 January 2010

One Complete Hat

Day Thirty.

It took longer than expected, but I can now announce that the woolly hat which I started a couple of days ago has been completed! It was a really good experience following the pattern in Stich 'N Bitch - I had ambitiously set about making a hat for myself last winter, without a pattern (and being a beginner knitter too!), and the result was hilarious: I looked like a garden gnome at best.

I'm really pleased with the way the colours in the stripes turned out, I used two different wools (both Wendy Chameleon Chunky) - a blue-green mix and a red-orange mix. It might be a bit colourful for Phil, but he seemed pleased with it. The proof will be in the wearing!

I was so excited that I forced it onto his head while he was in the bath, which explains his less than impressed face... Maybe I'll get a better photo in the coming days. :)


  1. What a gorgeous hat! Congratulations on expanding your knitting horizons too:-) When I first started I seemed to think following patterns was like admitting failure or something daft, but there's something really beautiful in pattern design that makes it a genuine pleasure. Plus no two hand-knitted items are ever the same!

    Are you on Ravelry? It's incredible for patterns and for inspiration. xxx

  2. Yay!! Lovely hat! And very sporting of Phil to let you take a picture of him in the bath!