Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Baby Blanket

Yes, I know, it's all a bit "baby this" and "baby that" with me these days, but with only 5 weeks to go, it feels good to be making preparations! Last night I gave in to the pull of the wool, and after dragging my stash out of the cupboard (and dumping it all over the floor to get a better look), I found the perfect yarn for a quick project: beautifully colourful and dead thick (requiring 20mm needles!), within a couple of hours I'd managed to knit up a blanket about 2 foot by 3 foot in size. Instead of straight stockinette stitch (knit on the front and purl on the reverse), I went for a pattern of squares - knitting 4, purling 4, etc., for three rows, then swapping over.

The great thing about this yarn is that it's so soft, so baby Squiggles cannot help but love it. The days have been getting cooler and wetter, and it's starting to feel a bit autumnal (I know, strange for the middle of July!) so perhaps that's why I felt the need to make something warm and comforting for the little one.

In total, the blanket took 4 balls to make. The yarn is called Rowan Biggy Print, and I just did a quick Google search and found prices ranging from £3.50 - £7.25 per ball! Luckily I got the wool very cheaply from the dogshop in Machynlleth some months ago, so it probably cost about £2 altogether. Or less... I know it was a real bargain, anyway!


  1. Gorgeous colours and a great price for the wool!
    Squiggles is going to love it :)

  2. not a bad price for the wool considering its quality and vibrant colours. My blanket cost a little less coz the multi coloured wool was a little thinner, but obv it was much bigger! squiggles will love i am sure p.ss continue to be "baby this and baby that" for as long as u want, with only 5 weeks to go (where does the time go: feels like only yesterday you announced it) id be suprised if you wernt :D xxx

  3. Ha ha! Emily, I have a scarf that I knitted for myself, in exactly the same yarn! I love Rowan Biggy Print. Actually, I just love Rowan. Wish I could afford lots :) The blanket is lovely - so nice and soft for a baby.

  4. Rowan wool is always yummy, but getting it for a complete bargain makes it even yummier. That's a stunning blanket, missy, absolutely gorgeous and it looks eminently snugglable too:-)

    Only 5 weeks! I hope it goes speedily for you - if I'm this excited about Squiggle's arrival I can't imagine how excited you are ;-)

    Lovelovelove xxxx

  5. Dog shop turns up trumps again. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm over soon to admire your handiwork x

  6. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your lovely comments! The nesting thing is happening in a very big way... I'll be gathering sticks and bits of wool caught on barbed wire soon, I swear... xxx

  7. Oooh, looks lovely! I wish I'd stuck to something like this when I was knitting Jake's blanket. It was my first ever knitting project and consisted of knitting A LOT of squares and then sewing them together. Bloomin' hard work!!