Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sock Rabbit for Squiggles

Last night I made Squiggles a sock rabbit! And I'm really pleased with it, especially the blissful expression :D

It felt so satisfying to sit alone in my bedroom surrounded by bits of collected fabrics, bags of stripey socks, and tangled and colourful embroidery yarns. In total, I probably spent about 4 hours making this, but it was a very relaxed experience and I was watching my Nanna's favourite film 'On Golden Pond' with Kathryn Hepburn.

The rabbit is made from one pair of regular size women's socks. I'd made a trial run using an old pair of holey grey socks a couple of months ago (that one was shaped more like a cat than a rabbit) - so I was confident that my slightly dodgy, inexperienced "method" was going to work out!

I suppose it's a tradition (of sorts) to give a newborn a fluffy little creature when it arrives (perhaps not immediately, ha ha! You don't want to freak it out), a little comforting friend to grow up with. What was weird about this was that once I'd finished it, I got it into my head to measure its length (head to toe, not including ears), and discovered that it's exactly 42cm long, which is what Squigs should measure this week. Of course that lead to feelings of awe at the sheer size of Squiggles, and wonder that my belly could contain him/her at all!

I should let you know that the sock animal was partly inspired by the creations of my friend Citrusgirl (also pregnant! Due in November), who makes the most wonderful things completely instinctively and as naturally as breathing. Her blog can be found here, and you can see lots of the amazing things she has made, except, strangely, her sock animal... hmm. Think I'd better put in a special request! :D


  1. Ah Emily, that's really gorgeous, in fact really beautiful. You can see she was made with love. And I love her face. And in the nicest possible way, she loves like she's been cuddled a thousand times already and that you'll be giving her to Squiggles complete with all that too!
    Was lovely seeing you at Vics' wedding, hope to catch up with you again next time we're down. Good luck with birth etc....

  2. Emily, that's such a wonderful thing to say - thank you! Your sock rabbit is far better than my sock cat though, and the happy-cat-face is so blissed out! Squiggles is going to have a fantastic time with you as a mum, they really are:-) xxx

  3. It's absolutely lovely!! Love the expression it's face. What a sweet welcome for Squiggles.

  4. clean sock i hope!xxx