Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Week 34: Appointment with the Midwife

We went to the birth centre this morning to have the regular check up, and were told that Squiggles' head is very nearly engaged. That explains the spiky, tweaky pains I was getting all of Monday night, and the feeling of being able to breathe a little easier since then. Apparently as the head starts to drop into the pelvis, you get these stretching pains as the head manoeuvres into position. It was weird that I started getting them on that particular night, as on Monday we'd been to the third of our ante-natal classes, which had been focusing on contractions and labour. They'd been talking about how, for some women, contractions start off feeling like period pains... When I started getting the pains I was genuinely worried that it might be the early signs of labour! Ha, nope.

The midwife explained that it would be very unlikely that Squiggles would 'come back up' from the position (s)he's in, and yes, it would seem to be a little earlier than expected, but only by a week or two. I wondered if this implied that the baby was planning on coming out early, but she said it wouldn't necessarily be the case. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, but it's getting very exciting!

This is supposed to be what Squiggie looks like by now - 2.2kg in weight and 45cm in length!


  1. Well, you sure know how to make a gal broody! *Deep sigh* Wish I was doing it all over again - I LOVE being pregnant, and LOVE being in labour. *Another deep sigh*, amazing stuff.

  2. Brings back memories! Jake's head didn't engage until a day or so before he was due and I remember worrying up until that point that he was going to be late, but I remember reading that it doesn't necessarily work that way. In the end my labour started the night of my due date and he arrived 7 hours later!

    Good to hear you've had some relief from discomfort though - the whole bladder squishing / not being able to breathe thing can be hard!

  3. Jacob was never engaged either, mostly because he was breech and had to be turned at 37.5 weeks which was NOT pleasant. So be thankful that Squiggles is locked and loaded already ;)

    And also, I loved knowing how long he was, I work in a school (at the time with 7/8 year olds) and every day I'd go in and a few of the girls would bring me a 30cm ruler and we'd see how long the baby was that day. It was an exciting day when we started having to use 2 rulers! Even now, one of those girls asks me every day how tall he is. Bless them ;)