Saturday, 24 July 2010

Baby Legs

Has anyone else heard of Baby Legs?
Here's an example of a website which sells them.
They're great! They cover baby's legs and look cute, and baby stays warm when you change his or her nappy, and did I mention that they look super-cute? I did? Oh. Well, they do.
Another thing about them is that they're stupidly expensive for what they are: socks without feet.
Oh wait! I've got some of those in my sock rug making bag.
If I just sew another sock's elastic onto the bottom, they'll be perfect. First pair:

Oh look, there's enough of one of these socks left to make a quick hat! Ha ha. Second pair:


  1. Babylegs rock! Jacob wore them all of last Winter (ebay for cheapies!), they have the added bonus of keeping socks on which I cannot find another way of doing. Plus they look supercute and are very warm and you don't have to take them off for nappy changes. Oh and they also fit my arms and I always have a spare pair in my change bag for the many days when I take out everything bar the kitchen sink for Jacob but forget a cardigan for myself ;)

  2. I've never heard of such a thing! They look ace though :D But now I have no more babies to try them on :( Well, I don't know what you think, but I think babylegs is a good enough excuse to have one more!

  3. Genius! I'm not sure if this bag of stripy socks will *ever* make it's way to you now you've suggested this;-) xxx

  4. Damn it, Hannah, I NEED those socks! But only long ones can do it, so maybe you'll still be able to save me the ankle socks?! I even BOUGHT some socks on ebay the other day to fulfill my sock needs, things are getting out of hand, eh?

    Linda, come on now, BabyLegs are NOT a good enough reason to have one more - you have THREE already! :D But you could always get some for your boys? They do them for all ages (or you could custom-make them of course)... x

    Beth, I hadn't heard about the fact that BabyLegs keep socks on too! They are an all-round miracle, it would seem! But hey, I've yet to try the ones I've made, they might have missed the point entirely for all I know, as I've never actually seen a commercially-made BabyLeg...

  5. Ahhhh baby legs. I couldn't spend the money to buy the ones I saw, but Jake did spend most of last winter in stripey tights from Next. Why is it so hard to find tights for boys??? Arggggghhhhh.

    Emily - where do you buy your stripey socks? I can NEVER seem to find any decent ones anymore!